Hudson Valley International Film Festival

"Not just an experience but a lifestyle"

Saturday August 27Th 

Saving Jamaica Bay 

Genre: Documentary, Environmental

(Theater 1; Saturday; 10AM)

Runtime: 1:16:43

Directed by: David Sigal

Cast: Susan Sarandon

Synopsis: Saving Jamaica Bay tells the untold stories of this unique natural resource and the unlikely urban environmentalists struggling to save the bay…and their way of life.

Awards: Audience Award at Queens World Film Festival

American Highpoints

Genre: Documentary

(Theater 2, Saturday, 10AM)

Runtime: 1:24:00

Directed by: Gary Scurka

Synopsis: A father and daughter team attempt to chronicle their journey to reach the highest point in every state. But the quest turns more serious as they learn Wyoming’s Gannett Peak is dep in wildernesss territory.

Curtain of Secrecy 

Genre: Short, Documentary

(Theater 3; Saturday; 10AM)

Runtime: 20:32

Directed by: Ramona Ramdeen

Written by: Ramona Ramdeen and C. Arthur Ellis, Jr.

Cast: Breezy Sharp, Kenny Logsdon

Synopsis: Curtain of Secrecy is the true story of Ruby McCollum; an affluent African American woman in Live Oak Florida. In 1952, Ruby shot and killed her white lover, prominent doctor and state senator Leroy Adams, in cold blood

Only One for You

Genre: Drama, Short

(Theater 3; Saturday; 10:30AM)

Runtime: 21:41

Directed and Written by: King Carter

Cast: Lydiana Medellin, King Carter

Synopsis: After witnessing his father abuse his mother as a child. Derrick picks up the same habits as a young adult.

What a Day 

Genre: Short, Comedy 

(Theater 3; Saturday; 10:55AM)

Runtime: 4:00

Directed and Written by: Chris Van Houten

Cast: Joseph Colandrea

Synopsis: A man goes through his day really learning about Murphy’s Law.

Tales: A Cautionary Story about Heroin Addiction 

Genre: Documentary Short

(Theater 3; Saturday; 11:05AM)

Runtime: 17:17

Directed and Written by: Theresa DeSalvio

Cast: Theresa DeSalvio

Synopsis: Through allegorical imagery and straightforward narration, this tale chronicles Pinocchio’s addiction to heroin and its consequences on his life.


Genre:  Short, Drama 

(Theater 1; Saturday; 11:25AM)

Runtime:  15:00

Directed and Written by: Kyle Dunbar

Cast: Brian Quintero, Ariana Marquis

Synopsis:  Lloyd believes there is something in his belly that should not be there. Desperate for answers, he takes matters into his own hands.

Ghost Train

Music Video

(Theater 2; Saturday; 11:30AM)

Runtime: 24:59

Directed and Written by: Ronald E Imhoff

Cast: Ronald E Imhoff

Synopsis: Musically driven 3 songs conceptual film about an individual’s decisions, demise and unavoidable ride to his final destination on the “Ghost Train”

Deepest Violet 


(Theater 3; Saturday; 11:30AM)

Runtime: 11:59

Directed by: K.B. Montgomery

Cast: Sallie Montgomery, Maggie Montgomery

Synopsis: A young girl with a rare disease uses a collection of masks to hide from the world while seeking a special pond that changes her into something beautiful.

Awards: Audience Choice – Best Short, Best Editor at Summer Slam Film Festival 2015, Best Appalachian Short Film at Plum Tuckered Film Festival.


Philosophical, Mystical

(Theater 1; Saturday; 11:45AM)

Runtime: 9:35

Directed and Written by: Milan Kopasz

Synopsis: A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light cannot get out. Also in Earth there are places and situations with strange attraction. Some step back, some step closer to observation.



(Theater 3; Saturday; 11:50AM)

Runtime: 5:18

Directed and Written by: Ehsan Mollazadeh

Cast: Amir Foroughi

Synopsis:  A fantasy world about modernity of future; where the life is too fast for us to be able to thing about our life! People just can be a part of the modernity flood. In this world, somebody faces some signs, which makes him thing about his past...

According to Ben Addams


(Theater 1; Saturday; 12PM)

Runtime: 1:45:35

Directed by: Dan Noah and Bramwell Noah

Written by: Bramwell Noah

Cast: Daniel Schepisi, Chloe Ng, Alan V Watt, Mladen Petrovic, Bramwell Noah

Synopsis: The Devil is so bored, Evil’s still his thing, but it’s all been done. So he gets himself arrested just to see what happens. He even let’s slip that he’s the Devil and plays along when they commit him to a hospital. 

Awards: Best Actor at ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival



(Theater 2; Saturday; 12PM)

Runtime: 1:34:08

Directed by: Jerome V Green

Written by: Jerome V Green, John P Foley, Sam Lee Jackson

Cast: Cecilia Youkhana, Hector Cruz, Steven Center, Jerome V Green

Synopsis: When a neighborhood drug dealer and his gang decide to infiltrate a local youth track club, they will stop at nothing to increase their bottom line.

Another Love 


(Theater 3; Saturday; 12PM)

Runtime: 19:27

Directed by: Victor Perez

Written by: Carlo Liberatore, Victor Perez

Cast: Maria Ruiz, Nigel Barber, Maite Jauregui, Charlie Frost

Synopsis: A pregnant married woman struggles to tell a much older man that their affair is over.

Siren Song: Women Singers of Pakistan

Short, Documentary

(Theater 3; Saturday; 12:25PM)

Runtime: 12:00

Directed by: Nishtha Jain and Beverly peterson

Written by: Iram Parveen Bilal and Fawzia Afzalkhan

Fawzia Afzal-Khan

Synopsis: Female singers of Pakistan are shown as democratic voices for peace and justice in the region, and resisting all types of oppression wheather familial and societal repression, state authoritarianism or religious extremism. 


Dramatic Comedy

(Theater 3; Saturday; 12:45PM)

Runtime: 13:52

Directed by: Lucas Ruderman

Written by: Lucas Ruderman and Annemarie Bettica

Cast: Nicholas Barbera

Synopsis: Doug is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary problem. He is on the search for happiness but his downward perspective holds him back. However, as he learns, when struck with adversity, the little things become much bigger.

Attempt to Rise


(Theater 3; Saturday; 1PM)

Runtime: 19:21

Directed by:  John D. Hay

Written by: Lee J. Kaplan

Cast: Lee J. Kaplan, Jamie Dunn

Synopsis: On the eve of the sale of his childhood home, Nick Bryan is alone and still grieving the loss of his brother. His silence is interrupted when a fee-spirited stranger arrives…


Short, Documentary

(Theater 3; Saturday; 1:25PM)

Runtime: 7:00

Directed by: Nathan Pancione

Synopsis: A portrait of a resilient woman reflecting on her life’s adversity.



(Theater 2; Saturday; 1:40PM)

Runtime: 13:56

Directed by: Heidi Miami Marshall

Written by: Tom Wilton

Cast: Reiko Aylesworth, Fiona Graham, Marc Menchaca

Synopsis: Amanda is married to Craig, a terminally ill man. She has been by his side, bathing and feeding him for the past seven years. She cares for him day in and day out, the weight of it all taking a toll on her life and her marriage. But their marriage was broken long before the disease, and those cracks have never gone away. Now, frayed by a life in stasis, Amanda realizes it’s time to make a choice.

Awards: Judge’s Honorable Mention Award at Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival

Paper Moments 

Fantasy, Drama

(Theater 3; Saturday; 1:45PM)

Runtime: 7:56

Directed and Written by: Sahar Tarzi

Cast: Sahar Tarzi

Synopsis: An Iranian young girl goes to an abandoned house under her parental house; when she starts dreaming freely about a beautiful fantasy world, but suddenly she understands she’s not in reality.

Day Dream 

Animation, Short, Music Video

(Theater 1; Saturday; 1:50PM)

Runtime: 4:02

Directed and Written by: Louis Heinberg

Cast: Grace Van Patten

Synopsis: Uplifting day dream to the song “Shooting Stars” by The Bag Raiders



(Theater 1; Saturday; 2PM)

Runtime: 1:34:00

Directed by: Steve Rahaman

Written by: Steve Rahaman, Erik Wegner

Cast: Daniel O’Shea, Kevin Moccia

Synopsis: In a world with only one rule, the crime boss of Queens, Alphonse Trapani, discovers that there is a snitch in his house that has been helping dirty cops to put the heat on his family, and all the crime families in New York.


Noir, Drama

(Theater 2; Saturday; 2PM)

Runtime: 1:39:58

Directed and Written by: John Mosetich

Cast: David Dallas, Benjamin Jones, Robert Paul Breene, Erica Derrickson 

Synopsis: Finding out how to survive in the underworld, eight lives will be forever changed as a disgraced undercover officer Derrick Forrest struggles through the mob underworld as well as his past demons in order to create a livable future.

Awards: Indie Film top recognition award 2016 at Boston International Film Festival 2016

Life Unscripted 

Sensual Short

(Theater 3; Saturday; 2PM)

Runtime: 36:10

Directed and Written by: Victor V. Hogan, II

Cast: Tasia Grant, Cree Davis, Beliria Sims, Naomi Mack, Devan Dunson, Jason Lyke

Synopsis: “Life Unscripted” chronicles a day in the life of six individuals whose lives are unknowingly linked together.

“Famous” from Bradley Cole the Movie


(Theater 3; Saturday; 2:45PM)

Runtime: 6:26

Directed by: Geoffrey Goldberg

Written by: Jason Young and Bomi Lee

Cast: Remy Germinario

Synopsis:  Follow Ian Maxwell as his fantasy of becoming the “FAMOUS” Bradley Cole on social media becomes a reality…or does it?

Choice Flow

Short, Romance

(Theater 3; Saturday; 3PM)

Runtime: 19.00

Directed by:  Ramazan Nanayev

Written by:  Michael Marcel

Cast: Michael Marcel, Brandi Bravo, D.K. Bowser, and Dougie Hollywood Cash 

Synopsis: When a facetious selfish young man falls for a beautiful young woman during a church picnic, he his forced to changes his selfish in order to win her heart. A story of love and its inception, life and its creation, and a force that guides us all. 


Short, Animation, Music Video

(Theater 3; Saturday; 3:20PM)

Runtime: 3:58

Directed and Written by: David Chontos

Synopsis: Trapped in the ruins of their former glory, a pair of performers bound together and abandoned by time rise up to sing once more. 


 Short, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Women, Horror

(Theater 3; Saturday; 3:30PM)

Runtime: 5:25

Directed and Written by: Stehanie Yuhas

Cast: Sarah Braun, Karla Shantz, Melissa O’Donnell, Rachel Keefe

Synopsis: Pregnant Molly has more than the natural amount of anxiety regarding her unborn twins. With her husband stationed overseas, she must rely on her mother to help her get through her chronic nightmares and hallucinations.


Romance, Uplifting, Drama

(Theater 1; Saturday; 3:40PM)

Runtime: 14:50

Directed and Written by:  Alexander Taylor

Cast: Alexander Taylor, Alina Gonzalez, Bill Ross, Nicholas Salyer

Synopsis: Italian chef, Tulliano, who engages in out of body experiences, receives connections through a mystery girl, Brea.

Running from Fear

Horror, Suspense, Thriller

(Theater 3; Saturday; 3:40PM)

Runtime: 5:13

Directed and Written by: Jack Palmiotti

Cast: Jade Palmiotti, Justin Palmiotti

Synopsis: Fear is an element of emotion that can follow you for a life time and strike you at moments of weakness. Anyone’s natural reaction would be to evade it or possibly run away, eventually something makes us realize the only way to really escape fear is to confront it.

The Last Tear

Short Documentary

(Theater 2; Saturday; 3:45pm)

Runtime: 11:00

Directed and Written by: Christopher H.K. Lee

Cast: Sukyi Park

Synopsis: Sexual violence against women has accompanied almost every large-scale conflict, yet most of its victims are silenced. One such sad episode is that of the “comfort women”, or more accurately, the estimated 200,000 women who were recruited to sexually serve the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.

Awards: Best Documentary at California International Shorts Festival, Best Experimental Technique at The Humboldt International Film Festival, Platinum Award at International Film Festival for Women, Social Issues, and Zero Discrimination and many more.

Player Two

Fantasy, Short, Animation

(Theater 3; Saturday; 3:50PM)

Runtime: 3:38

Directed by: Zachary Antell

Synopsis: Player Two explores the relationship that develops between two brothers of differing age growing up, and how video games foster that bond.

Second Chances 


(Theater 1; Saturday; 4PM)

Runtime: 1:27:00

Directed by: Carlos Cardona

Written by: Danny Zyskind

Cast: Gregg Prosser, Lacy Marie Meyer, Theodore Copeland, Sal Rendino

Synopsis: After a home invasion job goes terribly wrong, Oscar tries to help the girl whose life he helped to ruin.

Awards: Indie Spirit Award at Boston International Film Festival

My Brother’s Keeper


(Theater 2; Saturday; 4PM)

Runtime: 1:22:00

Directed and Written by: Michael Dollaway 

Cast: Octavio Gomez, Sal Rendino, Michael Dollaway , Skyler Marshall

Synopsis:  A dark comedy about to estranged brothers and what one of them is willing to do to keep the other from going back to jail.

The Shattered Mind

Psychological Thriller

(Theater 3; Saturday; 4PM)

Runtime: 48:00

Directed and Written by: Jade Bryan

Cast: Kyra Korchak

Synopsis:  A story about a misplaced teenager who is trying to find herself in a self-respecting Deaf family and overcoming unusual psychological and neurological conditions.

Awards: Best Psychological Drama at Manhattan Film Festival

Red Carpet

Crime Drama

(Theater 3; Saturday; 5PM)

Runtime: 8:00

Directed by:  Kevin V. Tudor

Cast: Amy Lee Pearsall, Kevin V. Tudor

Synopsis:  In the wake of the media broadcast of numerous missing women, an actor is interviewed about his role as a serial killer.

Split Costs

Drama, Suspense

(Theater 3; Saturday; 5:15PM)

Runtime: 24:00

Directed and Written by: Jeffrey Blake Palmer

Cast: Mela Hudson, Tori Hall, Jane Harte

Synopsis: A story of unexpected friendships, navigatings life’s bumpy roads, and moving forward with hope.

Jack & Lucas go to a Wedding 

Comedy, Drama

(Theater 1; Saturday; 5:30PM)

Runtime: 22:58

Directed by: Jack Kyser, Eliza McNitt, Spencer Jezewski

Written by: Jack Kyser and Lucas Loredo

Cast:  Jack Kyser and Lucas Loredo

Synopsis:  Jack and Lucas travel to the Midwest to attend their high school friend’s wedding. Confined in a hotel room together, they’re consumed by their own insecurities, as Jack tries to write the perfect wedding speech, while Lucas grapples with his romantic devastation.

I Dare You


(Theater 2; Saturday; 5:30PM)

Runtime: 18:35

Directed and Written by: Eli Klein

Cast: Jacqueline Grassmann, Ori Pilo Kerman, Barry Halpert

Synopsis: An enigmatic plague erupts and proves unstoppable as the dead suddenly resurrect and contaminate the living. The army begins executing the infected to stop the outbreak. Eventually the situation is controlled and life returns to normality, or so it seems...

The Routine


(Theater 3; Saturday; 5:45PM)

Runtime: 1:00

Directed by:  Roman Gubin

Written by: Roman Gubin and Eward Gubin

Cast: Mike Wolf

Synopsis: A family man wakes up and goes about his morning routine: shaves, cooks breakfast, puts on a business suit and shines his shoes. He is ready for just another workday.

It’s Called Love

Music Video

(Theater 3; Saturday; 5:50PM)

Runtime:  4:19

Directed by: Stephen William Tenner

Written by:  Roseann Sureda

What Happened Last Night? 


(Theater 1; Saturday; 6PM)

Runtime: 1:29:00

Directed and Written by: Candice T. Cain  

Cast: Amber Rose, Clayton Snyder

Synopsis: Two strangers wake up together after a night of partying and can’t remember what happened the night before. 

Awards: Best Feature and Best Cinematography at Innovative Film Festival

Sienna’s Choice


(Theater 2; Saturday; 6PM)

Runtime: 53:00

Directed by: Linda Palmer

Written by: Janel Tanna, Azucena Martinez, Elisa Rial

Cast: Janel Tanna, Dave Vescio, Dre Swain, Carlos Carasco, Julia Silverman, Ros Gentle

Synopsis:  What exactly defines life? Is it the amount of days lived or how those days are lived?

Case #5930

(Theater 3; Saturday; 6PM)

Runtime: 28:32

Directed by: William D. Prystauk

Written by: Paul J. Williams

Cast: Merrit Reid, Leon Morgan, Frank Logan

Synopsis: In 2012, Trooper Andrew Weingarten of the New Jersey State Police was killed in one of the most shocking and bizarre cases in law enforcement history. A police car dash-cam captured the jday’s events.



(Theater 3; Saturday; 6:35PM)

Runtime: 21:00

Directed and Written by: Scott Simonsen

Cast: Michael Gazin

Synopsis:  After being prescribed his third antidepressant, Charlie returns home only to have his craigslist roommate Miles flush his pills and kidnap him to see a sunrise over the ocean. 

Voices of Grief

Short Documentary

(Theater 2; Saturday; 7:00PM)

Runtime: 39:50

Directed by: Deb Collins

Written by: Lise Bennett Naugle

Synopsis: Shares a fresh perspective the many ways we navigate successfully through grief or companion others along their journey.

Happy Family­­


(Theater 3; Saturday; 7PM)

Runtime: 18:52

Directed by: Mark Stolzenberg

Cast: Judy Copeland, Mark Stolzenberg, Vinit Dubey, Helen Mandlin, Rachel Rivera

Synopsis: A quirky comedy about a childless, mature woman who realizes late in life that she misses having a family. After being subjected to her friends’ endless crowing about their children, she convinces her husband to adopt an adult child.

Electric Blue

Sci-Fi, Thriller, Suspense

(Theater 3; Saturday; 7:25PM)

Runtime: 10:29

Directed and Written by: Tyler Peck

Cast: Tyler Peck, Liz McGeever, Blake Berris, 

Synopsis: A young man must struggle to regain his memory before a mysterious character can hunt down and kill his girlfriend. 

I am Grace

Short Documentary

(Theater 1; Saturday; 7:35PM)

Runtime: 18:23

Directed and Written by: Christopher H.K. Lee

Cast: Grace Jo

Synopsis: “I Am Grace” brings to life the inspirational journey of Grace Jo, a North Korean defector who is attempting to rebuild her life in the U.S.

Daylily Day 


(Theater 2; Saturday; 7:45PM)

Runtime: 11:15

Directed and Written by: Steph Spector

Cast: Lyndee Zeller, Omari Chancellor

Synopsis: A young couple navigates love and loss.

The Uncle

(Theater 3; Saturday; 7:45PM)

Runtime: 11:32

Directed by: Mehmet Yamak – Muhammet ATES

Written by: Yilmaz Yucel

Cast: Sahir Tamer, Selma BaykrakTargil, Talkha Can, Ismet Tamer

Synopsis: A tragicomic story about the involvement of a retired man’s preparations for the journey after losing all his relatives.

Awards: Third Best Short Film at 6 Lions International Short Film Festival

Human Resources 

Horror, Thriller, Supernatural, Social Issue

(Theater 1; Saturday; 8PM)

Runtime: 1:15:00

Directed by: Keil Troisi

Written by: Keil Troisi, Aaron Troisi

Cast: Sonia Williams, Aaron Troisi, James Goode

Synopsis: In this ghost story for the 99%, a youjng woman who lands a new job discovers that the skyscraper she works in is haunted by victims of the corporation’s cutthroat pursuit of profit.

Awards: Best First Feature at Global Revolution Film Festival, Third Place Thriller at International Horror Hotel


Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

(Theater 2; Saturday; 8PM)

Runtime: 1:20:00

Directed and Written by:  Dax Phelan

Cast: Jason Tobin, Eugenia Yuan, Byron Mann

Synopsis: A year after his wife’s murder, once-successful Hong Kong businessman Leonard To, is still reeling from the tragedy. Having lost his job, friends and all sense of order in his life, Leonard becomes obsessed with a mysterious stranger he sees at his wife’s grave.

Awards:  Best Director at Pasadena IFF, Best Narrative Feature at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and many more.

Sad Dad

Short, Comedy

(Theater 3; Saturday; 8PM)

Runtime: 19:20

Directed by: Kaitlyn Busbee and Sean Lewis

Written by: Sean Lewis

Cast: Sean Lewis, Maria Vorhis

Synopsis: Norm has lost it all: a bad job, a bad life and his estranged wife has finally divorced him. What better time to reconnect with his adult daughter and forcibly insert himself into every facet of her life?

Maybe Sunshine

TV Show Pilot

(Theater 3; Saturday; 8:30PM)

Runtime: 9:00

Directed by: Levi Wilson

Written by: Levi Wilson and Lisa Hammer

Cast: Lisa Hammer, James Glayat, Jonathon Forte and more 

Synopsis: A 40 something rock queen who builds a new band from scratch after the disastrous break-up of her last band a decade earlier. She was a bid deal in the 90’s, but now she is 20 years older, 40 pounds heavier and divorced.

Awards: Audience Choice Award at Indieworks

The Ghost and the Negro

Mystery, Horror

(Theater 3; Saturday; 8:45PM)

Runtime: 10:25

Directed and Written by: Sylvester K. Folks

Cast: Demise Harp, Daniela Cobb, Machael B. Snead, Faith Bruner and more

Synopsis: A bookstore keeper is framed for murder and must enlist the help of a supernatural entity to clear his name.


Sci-Fi, Comedy

(Theater 3; Saturday; 9PM)

Runtime: 21:21

Directed by: Jessica Curtis

Written by: Jessica Curtis and Eric Scott Curtis 

Cast: Graham Henderson, Angela Morris, Philip Michael Toca, Debbie Ruzicka and more

Synopsis: A workplace comedy about people who have been endowed with unimpressive superpowers and are relegated to menial work in the corporate office.

Magical Mystery Cure 

Drama, Comedy

(Theater 1; Saturday; 9:20PM)

Runtime: 19:29

Directed by: Ryan P. Dean

Written by: Sharon Y. Cobb

Cast:  Towns W. Sanford, Joshua R. Todd, Cindy Hogan

Synopsis: Two teen brothers on a road trip to find happily-ever-after. When the younger brother is diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, instead of going into chemo and radiation treatment, the boys take off in search of a magical mystery cure they find online

The Last Local


(Theater 2; Saturday; 9:25PM)

Runtime: 18:50

Directed and Written by: Chris Trembath

Cast: Stephen Moran, Brian Bechelli

Synopsis: A Severe car accident causes the driver, Evan, to embark on a journey into the unknown.

I’m Listening


(Theater 3; Saturday; 9:30PM)

Runtime: 10:00

Directed by: Jennifer Lyon

Written by: Noel Davila

Cast: Margaret E. Owens, Jennifer Lyon, Amber Gwin, Rose Rylotte, Tara Nicolas, David stern

Synopsis: In one day Maggie manages to have her life ruined by losing her job, her best friend, her fiancé, all her money and nearly her sanity.

Organs of Opportunity 


(Theater 1; Saturday; 9:45PM)

Runtime: 10:00

Directed and Written by: Seregon O’ Dassey

Cast: Lacy Marie Meyer, Mike Blum, Brian Hopson

Synopsis: Med School students Kate and Steven find a creative way to pay off their bills. 

Mercy and Plea

TV Pilot 

(Theater 3; Saturday; 9:45PM)

Runtime: 6:48

Directed and Written by: Sylvester Folks

Cast: Jamila Turner, James Henry, Josh Carples

Synopsis: A federal judge seeks revenge after her family is jurdred in a mob hit.

Sleep on it 


(Theater 2; Saturday; 9:50PM)

Runtime: 5:00

Directed by: Nathan Breton

Written by: Joseph Killeen

Cast: Tomas Delgado, Mike Roche, Samantha Govin

Synopsis: Doug’s new bed changes his life.

Since the Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103

Historical Documentary

(Theater 1; Saturday; 10PM)

Runtime: 1:24:00

Directed and Written by:  Phil Furey

Synopsis: A story of some of the first victims of terrorism, who proved that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary feats in the wake of politically-fueled mass murder.

Awards: Jury Award at Green Bay Film Festival, Expose Award at Peace on Earth Film Festival.

The Farmer and I


(Theater 2; Saturday; 10PM)

Runtime: 1:21:00

Directed by:  Irja von Bernstorff 

Written by:  Irja von Bernstorff and Sangay Rinchen

Synopsis: Irja and Sangay see how quickly Bhutan, after centuries of isolation, starts falling through the traps of unsustainable growth.


Short, Drama

(Theater 3; Saturday; 10PM)

Runtime: 12:51

Directed and Written by:  Karen Veninga-Zaricor

Cast: Elizabeth Venezia, Elle McAlpine

Synopsis: Two sisters share their grief after the death of their mother. It brings them closer together and they start to believe wounds can heal



(Theater 3; Sunday; 10:20PM)

Runtime: 3:56

Directed by: Nick Ransom

Cast: Zach Lusk, Gary Comorau

Synopsis: Mason Phillips, a young American man is on his way to buy a used assault rifle he saw for sale online.


Sci-Fi, Drama

(Theater 3; Saturday; 10:30PM)

Runtime: 14:43

Directed by:  Cristhian Andrews

Written by:  Paul Cenzoprano

Cast: Julia Montgomery, Anna Lakomy

Synopsis: A mom manipulates her “hunger-for-fame” idealistic daughter to stop eating to save the world, but not without consequences. 

Bigiano – “Tonight” 

Music Video

(Theater 3; Saturday; 10:50PM)

Runtime: 3:35

Directed and Written by: Fanon Kabwe and Tim Drabandt

Cast: Bigiano Kuticole, Lusanda Dayimani, Carla Willoughby, Ninkie Zimasa and more.

Synopsis: Represents Bigiano as the king of the underworld and his dozens of dark followers, who are pilgrimaging to see him. The Pyramid, aka the sign of the Illuminati, is the symbol of the artist’s mysterious kingdom.

Burying St. Joseph 

Family, Drama

(Theater 3; Saturday; 11pm)

Runtime: 14:26

Directed and Written by: Dale Mason

Cast: Tess Degen, Simone Renault

Synopsis:  A mother must come to terms with selling her home to provide for her daughter.

Beware of Bunny

Comedy, Horror

(Theater 3; Saturday; 11:20PM)

Runtime: 4:30

Directed by: Becky Gill

Cast: Dee Bradley Baker, Jackie Zhou

Synopsis: On the way home, a little boy finds the pet of his nightmares.

Sangria Lift 

Drama, Romance, Inspirational

(Theater 2; Saturday; 11:30PM)

Runtime: 23:00

Directed and Written by: Melanie Star Scot

Cast: David Topp, Morgan Hinkleman, Lindley Mayer, Towns W. Sanford, Tarra Conner Jones, Coyote John Lucas, Dennis Friebe, Joshua R. Todd, Noah Diggs, Reuben Sams

Synopsis: Michael is having a bad day. Intense, impatient, self-absorbed, he crosses paths with several people in one 24-hour period whom will change his life. 

Awards: Grand Winner and Best Director at California Film Awards, Best Short Film – Award of Merit at The Indie Fest, and many more.

Young Woman Blues

Music Video, Military

(Theater 3; Saturday; 11:30PM)

Runtime: 6:15

Directed by: Angela B Rosiertaylor, Nchris Nostrangd

Written by: Angela B Rosiertaylor

Cast: Brad Dourif, Angela Rosiertaylor, Katie Argenzio and more

Synopsis: An aging Rockstar without a voice struggles to keep up the show hile his young estranged wife and family suffer the consequenes of a fast life in center stage.

Under the Stars

Music Video

(Theater 3; Saturday; 11:45PM)

Runtime: 4:11

Directed and Written by: Fanon Kabwe, Tim Drabandt

Cast: Loki Rothman, Michelle Allen, Raven Swart

Synopsis: A story about love and pain, hope and giving up, escape and coming back. Things that are – in a more or less intense way – part of every relationship.